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  • Live Training Concept
  • Faculties over 5 years of Industrial Automation experience
  • Practical Training in our panel manufacturing factory
  • Professional Protocols- A session on corporate readiness
  • True Grading System – To measure candidate’s real progress
  • Performance Monitoring through assignments and surprise quizzes
  • 100% Placement assistance in Kaizen Automation and other well known companies
The Hands on Practical Training in Industrial Automation Include-
A) Major Brands of Advanced PLC's
  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • GE
  • Honeywell
  • Omron
  • Delta
  • Mitshubishi
B) Major SCADA
  • Wonderware
  • Cimplicity
C) Brands of DCS
  • Honeywell Experion
  • GE
  • EX-OR
  • Omron
  • Schneider
  • Omron
  • GE

Industrial Automation : Academic Course

This course is specially for engineers/students who need to have the Introductory knowledge of PLC & SCADA. This course is specially designed for under graduate students to equip them with basic automation knowledge and its industrial application. This course will open new avenues for aspiring students who want to make their career in automation industry. Even Graduated engineer who would like to have basic knowledge of PLC can take up this course. “PLC Programmer” Certification is issued on completion of this course.

Duration- 1 Week

Major Topics:
  • Introduction to PLC

  • Basics of PLC based Electricals

  • PLC applications

  • PLC Instructions, Programming & troubleshooting

  • Introduction to SCADA

  • Hands on PLC & Practice

Industrial Automation : Basic Course

This Course contains basic knowledge of PLC & SCADA. The course is designed to provide an opportunity to young engineers to learn about and experience a professional environment. It will give him confidence to start his career on a positive note. “PLC & SCADA PROGRAMMER” Certification is issued on completion of this Course.

Duration- 2 Weeks

Major Topics:
  • Basic PLC

  • 2 major brands of PLC

  • Instruction & software Introduction

  • Hands On PLC (Programming-Practice)

  • 1 Major brand of SCADA.

  • Hands On SCADA (Software Development- Practice)

  • System Integration

Professional Level Course

For Students who want to make a career in automation or learn in depth the intricacies of automation. Course starts from the basics and the greater time duration ensures perfection. “Automation Engineer” Certification is issued on completion of this Course.

Duration- 6 Weeks
Major Topics:
  • Basics of Electrical
  • Basic of PLC
  • GE PLC introduction & Hands on
  • Siemens PLC introduction & Hands on
  • Allen Bradley Introduction & Hands on
  • Honeywell/Mitsubishi Introduction & Hands on
  • Wonderware Introduction & hands on
  • Exor/GE/Omron
  • PID loops
  • Introduction to DCS
  • Instrumentation
  • Electrical Basic
  • Panel designing
  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • VFD

Corporate Training

The Company provides a specialized technical training to corporate to meet their technical requirement .All such types of trainings Syllabus / topics are individually planned as per their industrial need & clients Schedule/Demand.

Experts Lecture & Three Days workshop

We are arranging Paid 3 DAYS WORKSHOP in college which includes introduction to industrial automation, Basic of PLC, Brands of PLC, Instructions and programming of PLC, 6- 8 hours of dedicated PLC programming practices/practice. We also provide Demonstration of integrated system along with SCADA. We also conduct 2- 3 hours of “EXPERTS LECTURE” in different colleges giving introduction to Automation Industry, details on Scope , Job opportunities and potential on Automation, Introduction to basic components required for Automation. This lecture is to give a glimpse of Automation Industry.